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We know there are hundreds of documents out there all offering different information for the fire sector. That's why we have created this page as a central point for you to access and download the documents we believe are most benefcial for you and your business.
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Fires in Thatched Properties with Wood Burning Stoves

Published: January 2018

Factors that might potentially contribute to the occurance of fires in thatched roof buildings from the use of wood burning stoves are many, varied and interrelated. The research descibed in this report establishes that woodburning and multi-fuel stoves represent a greater hazard in thatched roof buildings than open fires and, as such, are not a recommended form of heating.

Download Fires in Thatched Properties with Wood Burning Stoves


Fire Competency Framework - Fire Sector Federation (FSF) 

Published: May 2018

This first edition working document has been prepared to assist in the development of competency by individuals operating in the subject discipline of fire and fire safety by outlining a framework of areas of study to gain knowledge and education.

The framework is intended as guidance for interpretation by those providing training and education. The framework’s primary purpose is as a guide to those who are engaged in fire safety work as a member of the fire safety sector. 

Download the Fire Competency Framework

Building a Safer Future - An Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety 

Published: May 2018

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, the government launched an idependent review of current Building Regulations. Dame Judith Hackitt identifies a number of key issues underpinning the system failure, including: ignorance, indifference, lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities and inadequate regulatory oversite and enforcement tools.

Download Building a Safer Future - An Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety

ABI Cladding Systems research Report 

Published: May 2019

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) commissioned the Fire Protection Association (FPA) to carry out a series of carefully controlled experiments recreating more realistic building conditions than those in which the standard tests are done, in an effort to measure what difference these factors could make in the event of a fire. 

Download ABI Cladding Systems Research Report