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Resibuild Events and Sapphire Balconies hosted a book launch at The Shard, London on 4 November for Create, Deliver & Maintain: The External Envelope Vision, a collection of thought leadership and reflection from over 80 key industry figures. 

Create, Deliver & Maintain: The External Envelope Vision is divided into three sections, each concerning the creation, delivery, and maintainance of the build ethos and philosophy laid out in the book, called the "construction balanced spoke model." This boils down to a core tenet of "better buildings, built better," and lays out clear steps for all stages of a building's life cycle, from initial design phases through to occupancy.

The event hosted four panels across the day, covering topics including fire safety, competency in construction, net zero, and modern methods of construction. There were also CPD presentations from Sapphire, Quelfire, Skize, and Sertus. 

The FPA's Howard Passey, principal consultant and director of operations, contributed a chapter to the book titled 'The Future of Fire Safety,' covering causes of fire spread, reducing the impact of fire, and the importance of legislation.  

“There are draft regulations and guidance to look at already, so building that into what you already do will put you ahead of the game.”

Find out more about Create, Deliver & Maintain: The External Envelope Vision here