Sprinkler Expertise

LPC Sprinkler Rules

The FPA is author and supplier of the UK's most significant sprinkler installation standard, the LPC Sprinkler Rules, which incorporate the BS EN 12845 standard and additional technical bulletins, for a comprehensive and authoritative guide to best practice in Sprinkler installation and maintenance.

You are able to order the LPC Sprinkler Rules in printed format, CD or both together as a combination purchase. Please see our shop to order. You can also sign up to receive technical bulletin updates once you have received your Sprinkler Rules.

FPA is unrivalled in experience and expertise where Sprinkler installation and maintenance standards are concerned, so you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality service in accordance with the very best practice.  This expertise combined with use of our fire testing laboratory means the FPA is one of the leading sprinkler testing and training facilities in the UK.  We offer the following services in order to assist you:

Sprinkler Inspection Service

The FPA offers an independent, high quality technical inspection service including:

  • Sprinkler System Audit - Full sprinkler system evaluation, including witnessing of water supply tests.
  • Review of Hazard - The delivery of a review of hazard, including inspection of all processes and storage arrangements.
  • Design Checking - Providing a review and commentary of design drawings submitted prior to installation of sprinkler systems and before alterations. 

Please download the brochure, contact us via email or phone 01608 812500 for more information and quotes.

Sprinkler Head Testing

The FPA is able to provide the 25 year testing of sprinkler heads removed from an installation. This testing is undertaken by our experienced staff as required by standards in the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations, BS EN 12845 Annex K. To find out more click here

Sprinkler Course 

This five-day course can be split into two sessions, the first 2 days introducing the learner to sprinkler systems and components and an overview of rules and design principles. The following 3 days includes theoretical and practical systems maintenance training.

You will develop:
  • Understanding of the components and operation of sprinkler systems and their role.
  • Knowledge of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 incorporating BS EN 12845.
  • Understanding of the principles of system design and sprinkler operation
  • Ability to compare and contrast these systems relative to passive fire protection systems.
  • Knowledge of the service requirements in accordance with BS EN 12845 and LPCB TB203
  • How to carry out practical maintenance of the equipment

The courses take place at our fully kitted out Sprinkler training rooms located at our Fire Laboratory, providing a ‘hands-on’ experience for delegates. Look at our training section for more information