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European Fire Safety Community launched

7 April 2020

THE EUROPEAN Fire Safety Community (EFSC) is an ‘open-to-all’ Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) membership community that aims to ‘drive action on fire safety’.

In a press release, the EFSC said that ‘all involved in fire safety agree that there is a need to share information and to create solutions’, with the FSEU having ‘built the space to do so’ with the EFSC, which it calls a ‘new, open-to-all, [FSE] membership’ residing in a ‘permanent online space’. It will enable fire safety stakeholders to ‘connect, pool knowledge and collaboratively improve fire safety in buildings’ with over 240 members having joined from across Europe.

It added that it intends to ‘foster the emergence of concrete solutions’ by focusing ‘in-depth’ on three ‘highly relevant’ topics at EU level: data collection, facades fire safety and sustainable buildings. On data collection, a dedicated advisory panel analyses ‘what already exists on fire safety data collection’, as well as exchanging best practices and supproting the European Commission’s (EC’s) tender on ‘closing data gaps and paving the way for pan-European fire safety efforts’.

EFSC members can access ‘interactive podcasts and webinars on central fire safety issues’ such as this topic, while on facades fire safety an advisory panel will compare regulations and standards, with the EFSC to provide regular updates on the EC’s development of a European approach to ‘assess the fire performance of facades’. A study on national requirements for high rise fire safety covering residential buildings, hospitals and schools is also open for participation.

Finally, on sustainable buildings and amid the EU’s Gren Deal, the EFSC ‘intends to reinforce’ building sustainability by ‘inserting into the sustainability debate an element that has been omitted so far: fire resilience’. The community will also provide members with ‘exclusive interviews’ with policymakers and fire safety experts, as well as ‘intelligence on legislation and initiatves on fire safety at EU level’.

European Fire Safety Community launched