LPC Sprinkler Rules Update

The Fire Protection Association is the author and publisher of the UK's most significant sprinkler installation standard. It was developed to provide an authoritative guide to best practice in sprinkler installation and maintenance.

Join Fire Protection Association experts Dale Kinnersley, Principal Consultant and our newly appointed Fire Consultant, Martin Hartley in this useful update to members and users of the LPC/BS EN 12845:2015. This webinar will cover recent updates to LPC Technical Bulletins from minor revisions such as, TB208 and TB232 to major changes like TB203 for new test procedures for ‘dry’ pipe sprinkler systems.   

Learning objectives

  1.  A refreshed knowledge of existing Technical Bulletins
  2.  An overview and understanding of new Technical Bulletins
  3. Explanations and reasons behind the Technical updates
  4.  Best practice guidance on how to implement the new updates


Sprinkler rules 2015