I am happy as a consultant! I am currently completing the CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention with the FPA and will hopefully move on to the Advanced Diploma afterwards.

CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention

Chris Ricketts

FPA provides advice, guidance and a bespoke signs service to L&Q

Delivering fire safety signs solutions to complex Housing properties
L&Q is one of the UK’s largest Housing Associations employing over 1,000 staff and providing over 66,000 high quality, affordable housing services often to the most vulnerable of people. They work with more than 90 local authorities in London and the South East and over 70 specialist agencies in the supported housing sector.
FPA supply L&Q with large quantities of fire safety signs including large batches of no smoking signs, directional fire exits, fire door keep shut and extinguisher identification – organising separate deliveries to various L&Q properties, and providing significant cost savings for bulk orders.
Bespoke Signs
In addition to the signs available from our catalogue, FPA have worked closely with L&Q to design and manufacture bespoke fire action notices. These signs differ to our standard fire action notices by allowing the customer to dictate on the exact wording and instruction that should be given in the event of a fire or raising of an alarm. The bespoke signs designed in collaboration with L&Q offer specific instructions for sheltered housing, general needs evacuation and stay put notices. 

“The service we get from the FPA is quick and efficient. Their flexibility in delivering to different addresses enables us to despatch the signs directly to the operational teams who erect them. The signs are of a high quality and by working with one supplier we ensure fire exit signage is to one standard (HTM) and of the photoluminescent type, yet with the discount we get from the FPA, these signs are no more costly than the cheaper alternatives that are available from mass suppliers.”

FPA provides advice, guidance and a bespoke signs service to L&Q

Eric Richardson Head of Health & Safety