Home office reveals first fire statistics

15 July 2016

The government has published the first set of fire statistics since the Home Office assumed responsibility for the fire and rescue service.

The report provides details on incidents attended in 2014/15, including the causes of fires, the use of smoke alarms, the seasonality and temporality of fires and other topics of interest to the fire statistics community. The headline figures showed that the number of incidents attended by the fire and rescue service has decreased year on year, while the number of fire-related fatalities increased by one. They key findings include:

  • Total number of incidents attended decreased to 617,038 from 617,038
  • Fatal fires in great Britain increased by one to 325
  • 41% of all fatalities in fires in England were 65 years old and over in 2014/15, compared to 23% of all casualties
  •  Fires where a smoke alarm was not present accounted for 30 % of all dwelling fires and 35 per cent of all dwelling fire fatalities
  • 46% of all fires in 2014/15 in England took place between 16:00 and 22:00
  • Smokers’ materials (such as cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco) caused 36% of fatalities in accidental dwelling fires
  • Cooking appliances caused half of accidental dwelling fires

Fire Protection Association managing director Jon O’Neill expressed concern about the number of fire fatalities, he said: ‘We’re concerned that the level of fire deaths in the UK has plateaued rather than continuing on a downward trend. We’d urge the fire and rescue service to continue to do all that they can to respond to incidents as quickly as possible as it’s essential that the number of deaths continues to decrease.’