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At the FPA, we understand the complexities within the aerospace and marine industries when it comes to fire safety and testing. Often, testing is conducted for individual parts of an aircraft or vessel, but rarely is testing completed as a system. To gain a competitive edge, it is an advantage for aerospace and marine experts to know as much as possible about their products and systems under the influence of many hazards, including fire.

We can work with aerospace and marine clients to help them understand more about their components and produce products which take fire resilience into careful consideration. Continuous research and development is the due diligence we know you want to show to your customers, and we can provide the environment and expertise to help you achieve this.

Some of the fire safety testing issues faced by aerospace and marine engineers include:

Replicating the heat produced by engines in a safe environment. The quick cooling of hot components is something many aerospace manufacturers seek to allow quick turnaround times for aircraft and vessels. A robust testing programme can help uncover the most efficient way to achieve this.

Testing of onboard protection systems such as aerosols. The internal risk of fire on aircraft and ships must also be considered, and finding the right, safe environment to do so can be a challenge. At the FPA, we can build an environment that replicates your fire hazard to effectively test how aerosols can reduce the onboard risk.

At our purpose-built laboratory in Gloucestershire, we can partner with aerospace and marine clients to help them develop higher quality fire resistant products. We create a bespoke testing programme based around close to real life scenarios, helping them to understand how their equipment and materials will react in an emergency. We provide access to expertise you may not have in house and important, unbiased, and impartial advice, designing test programmes to help find solutions to your problems.

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