Bespoke Research and Testing

We pride ourselves on our ability to design, build and carry out bespoke fire testing. This allows our customers to assess whether materials and systems are safe under specific scenarios.

We always provide impartial and independent advice, giving customers a clear picture of how their product or system will perform in a fire situation.

In addition to bespoke fire testing work, we can offer reconstructions or simulations for investigation into the causes of incidents, whether real-life or potential.

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Testing Environments

We have several modern fire testing environments allowing our highly qualified experts to carry out some of the most versatile and comprehensive fire research and safety testing in the UK. We are based in Blockley and at the world-renowned Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh, giving us additional access to some of the most unique testing facilities across the globe.

Our test environments include:

Burn hall with adjustable height fire ceiling

Our large volume, still air fire safety testing hall has an adjustable height fire ceiling along with environmental managed smoke and water systems, making it extremely versatile. It can be used for several scenarios, ranging from small compartment studies to complete multi-room houses up to 10x10m and to a maximum height of 6.25m.

High-rise testing rigs

Our high-rise test rigs were built to facilitate the BS 8414 testing but can be used to test high-rise multi-façade building materials or finishes. We also have a half-size rig, offering the flexibility to test further bespoke elements in a more real-life situation, such as the addition of a window or other opening.

IMO standard test rig

This maritime testing facility accredited to IMO MSC/CIRC.1165 is used for the evaluation of extinguishing and suppression systems including gaseous, water mist and aerosol systems, among others. It can be used for many other applications where high-intensity fires demand a sterile and easily controlled environment.

Unique outdoor spaces

Being based at the Fire Service College, we have access to unique open spaces and fire-hardened buildings, including tower blocks, shopping malls and ships.

Technical Capabilities

When carrying out fire safety testing, our team of experts can burn, measure and report on a vast number of elements. Our capabilities include:

Creating bespoke fire loads – fire loads can be created from almost any combustible material such as gas, liquids and solids all stored within a controlled environment.

Large scale calorimetry – when burning we can accurately measure the heat involved in both the chemical and physical processes, and the severity of the fire source. 

Gas measurement – we use calibrated measuring equipment to measure gas in low oxygen environments, i.e. gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. We can also measure gas velocity (the gas movement being drawn into or exhaled from a fire).

Temperature and heat flux measurement – whether single or multiple points of measurement are required, we can accurately obtain the temperature and the heat energy output from the fire.

Liquid flow measurement – we have both ultrasonic and mechanical flow meters, letting us measure precisely the flow outputs from systems.

Damage impact – we can measure the deformation caused by heat, flames and smoke, as well as measuring the load and the amount of force exerted on a surface, allowing you to know the mass lost during and after burning.

Data collection and analysis – we have a large selection of data loggers which can capture over 250 different channels of data. Our advanced analysis equipment allows us to process data quickly and accurately.

Reporting – a detailed and impartial report will be produced and discussed with you after testing. If you wish to be present at your fire test, we have suitable viewing facilities along with live video. 

Laboratory Facilities

In order to facilitate our testing environments, we have the following systems in place:

Pumped high-capacity water supply – our large onsite clean water storage tank gives a consistent and regulated water supply.

Firefighting foam premix and collection system – we can mix on-site firefighting foam concentrate to customer specifications. Used foam is then collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. 

Climate controlled conditioning chamber – this purpose-built chamber allows for the conditioning of fuel packages and test samples to give a more consistent and accurate result.

Toxic and flammable material handling capabilities – our on-site, secure and ventilated storage compartments are designed for flammable and toxic fuels. All handling is carried out by trained personnel.

Systems that reduce our environmental impact – we are very aware of the impact our activities can have on the environment, and we have several systems in place to reduce this. These range from smoke and dust extraction systems (designed to clean the air by removing smoke particles by filtration) to dirty water storage and run off collection systems.

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