Cladding and façades demystified


DATE: 03 February 2022 10:30

DURATION: 1.5 Hour

George Edwardes, Technical Consultant, The Fire Protection Association

Ian Abley, Principal Consultant, The Fire Protection Association

Stuart Campbell, Principal Consultant, The Fire Protection Association

Dr Jonathan Evans, CEO, Ash & Lacy

This webinar is an entry level introduction to fire safety issues found with materials frequently used on external non-load bearing walls of buildings. Join us to hear from a team of consultants as they address some of the most common questions posed to the FPA on cladding and façades.

This webinar has been awarded 1 IFE CPD hour.

The webinar will commence with a brief overview of the legislation around combustible façades which will highlight some of the common issues the FPA campaigns on.

We will then identify the composition of the most common external wall systems used on buildings. This section will answer questions such as:

  • What is a cassette system?
  • What is a rainscreen?
  • Do membranes matter?
  • What happens if there is a space behind the cladding?
  • How do cavity barriers link to cladding?
  • How can cladding be classed as resisting the spread of fire when parts of it are combustible?
  • How do I identify what I am looking at?

The next part of the webinar will explore how materials that are put on external walls of buildings can be tested, specifically exploring the linear and performance-based routes via BS EN13501 and BS 8414. What do the test results actually mean and what do they apply to?

Common issues raised around testing include:

  • How do you look at the fire performance of the whole building?
  • Where some parts of the wall and building are fire tested and others are not, how does this affect the overall rating when it comes to fire?

Throughout the webinar we will discuss why the use of non-combustible material is important. We will also consider how the spread of fire can be greatly affected by the type of material used and how, in turn, it affects the fire and rescue service response and the whole fire safety management of a building during an incident.

Finally, we will highlight some sources of further information and support to help you find out more about this subject.

Entry level fire risk assessors and fire safety managers (early stages of career)

Building Managers

Construction industry

Facilities Managers

Fire risk assessors

This webinar is not intended for leaseholders

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