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Fire Doors: the road to compliance

Host: Neil Ashdown, Fire Doors Complete Ltd and Alan Cox, Fire Safety Consultant
Date: September 27
Time: 11:00am (duration: approx 1hr)


Many view the Fire Door as a nuisance, a maintenance problem and a barrier to free movement.

The main function of the fire door is to save lives and protect property and this is often overlooked.

In this topical webinar, Alan Cox will provide an overview of where we are going wrong when it comes to using our fire doors and  this might be in hospitals, care home, hotels or public buildings.

Stay tuned as Neil Ashdown examines what building operators should do to ensure fire doors at their properties will:

  • comply with legal requirements and
  • help to improve fire safety for the people that live at, work at and otherwise use those properties.

You will have the chance to then ask your questions in a joint Q&A session.

Some of the key areas covered include: 

  • the role of the fire door, problems, enforcement and risk assessment.
  • legal requirements
  • the building and its contents
  • fire resisting door assembly
  • competence

Alan Cox, 'Why the Grenfell fire door failure came as no surprise to me' read Alan's full article here

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