Tall Building Fire Safety

As the International Fire Industry comes to terms with the serious Tall Building Fires that have occurred in recent times, there is a need to consider how we can improve and enhance the current processes and equipment used for Tall Building Fire Safety and Firefighting.
The 6th International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference will take place on 18–20 June 2019 at Excel, London alongside the FIREX International Exhibition, supported by organisers UBM. 
Day 1: Fire Engineering, Fire Testing, Fire Science in Tall Buildings
Day 2: Fire Risk Management, Insurance, Construction in Tall Buildings
Day 3: Firefighting in Tall Buildings
The conference will seek to answer the following questions posed by the Industry Worldwide:
1. What does a ‘fit for purpose’ testing regime for Tall Building Facades look like?
2. In connection with above, what does combustibility and non-combustible mean?
3. Is Tall Timber a good idea?
4. What is the latest thinking in computer modelling of Tall Building Fires?
5. How should drones be best used for Fire Risk Management in Tall Buildings?
6. What is best practice in Tall Building Construction Fire Safety Management?
7. How should Fire related aspects of Insurance cover of Tall Buildings be calculated?
8. How should drones be best used for Firefighting in Tall Buildings?
9. What do World class Tall Building Firefighting Procedures look like?
10. What are the latest innovations in Tall Building Fire Safety?
With Early Bird rates available, anybody interested in attending is advised to book now as space will be limited. Speakers from Russia, Germany, US and Australia are already confirmed for the conference:
Conference Director Russ Timpson commented, “2018 was our best conference to date with 32 Countries attending the conference, along with 28 of the UK Fire and Rescue Services. As an industry, we must get to the bottom of the fire testing debate and provide a reliable standard for the construction industry. Drones and new technology have a major role to play and we want the conference to be the place where new innovations can be showcased”. “We are delighted to be supporting & having The Tall Buildings Conference running alongside FIREX International for its 4th year”, Rachel Eaton, Brand Manager, FIREX International. 
An archive of previous conference presentations can be found at www.tallbuildingfiresafety.com
More details of FIREX 2019 can be found at www.firex.co.uk