Week of work experience

18 December 2017

This past week we have had James Muir in the FPA office working within the marketing team. He explains in his owns words how he spent his time and what he took from the experience.

"My week of work experience with FPA has been a great insight into the real-world applications of marketing. I have been able to try various tasks including producing advertising graphics and e-shots. It has been very educational to have the chance to create some marketing materials with a real goal in mind.  I have learnt a lot about how to create and maintain a strong, consistent brand image and have seen how good marketing can influence the success of a company. I feel that the application of marketing strategies and theories within a real business is far more interesting than they could ever be in a classroom. I have also been able to see how the day to day administration of an office is carried out to keep projects on track and how important communication is, both with clients and internally. FPA has been a great business to experience work in and special thanks to Becca, Aaron, Arvi, Jamie, Kate and Mel for having me as part of the team."