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Webinar: The Importance of Sprinkler Systems in Schools

25 October 2017

Following the comment from Danny Cotton, LFB Fire Chief this morning 'I don't understand why wouldn't it be made compulsory and wouldn't it be made a requirement to fit sprinklers in schools at new-build stage' please check out our webinar.

This webinar was triggered by proposed changes to Building Bulletin 100 which shows indictions that the requirement for instillation of fire suppression systems in new schools may be removed. This highly topical webinar brings to light how this change may impact our schools and the risk to the lives of our children.

Date: 19th October, 2017. Duration: 45 mins approx.
View the slides for this webinar below, or click the link to view the video.



Webinar: The Importance of Sprinkler Systems in Schools