The FPA endorses Scottish government fire safety guidance

29 June 2018

The Scottish Government releases Fire Safety Guidance for existing premises with sleeping accommodation.

Following the Grenfell fire, a Scottish working group was established for Building and Fire Safety. This has led to the welcome output of the new document: Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing Premises with Sleeping Accommodation.

The guidance, published on June 13th, provides recommendations regarding the fire safety risk assessment process, and the reduction of risk on fire safety measures that can be implemented to mitigate risk. There is no obligation, however, to adopt any particular solution in the guides if the outcome of a fire safety risk can be met in some other way.  

The guidance offers fire safety advice in respect of certain existing premises with sleeping accommodation. It consolidates and supersedes a number of individual Scottish government guides, and introduces a number of editorial changes aimed at improving dutyholders' understanding of the guidance. The guides superseded are: 

  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Small Premises, 2010
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Medium and Large Premises Providing Sleeping Accommodation, 2008
  • Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Small Bed and Breakfast and Self-catering Premises, 2010 

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) welcomes this new guidance and Howard Passey, Principal Consultant for the FPA, added: 

"The use of competent persons and products certified by UKAS accredited organisations is one of the simplest and most effective ways of gaining reasonable assurance of their quality and appropriateness and most importantly support the safety of a premises for its occupants.  It’s not hard nowadays to find accredited companies, products and services for virtually all aspect of fire safety provision for a premises whether that be for fire risk assessors, kitchen extract ductwork cleaners, portable fire extinguishers, fire detection and alarm systems or flame retardant temporary covering materials – there are schemes for all."

In addition, the FPA and RISCAuthority have recently published a free document, RC66: Recommendations for sourcing fire safety products which provides independent explanatory guidance to insurers and their clients to assist them to obtain reliable, high quality products, and services. It also provides understanding on the terms and procedures to assist in the acquisition of reliable fire related products and services. 

RC66: Cover    

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