Independent sprinkler system inspections

Independent sprinkler system
Automatic fire sprinkler systems are known to be an extremely effective way of controlling the spread of fire, but like all systems they MUST be serviced and maintained.
Sprinkler systems are designed to suit a range of hazard classifications so, if alterations are made to say the building layout, storage arrangements or processes it could have a major impact on the current sprinkler systems performance. 

How often should sprinkler systems be inspected?

Due to the importance of service and maintenance, an annual service is a requirement, and has been documented in the BS EN 12845 where it states that:
The sprinkler system should be periodically inspected at least once a year by a third party. 

Who is allowed to inspect them?

Additionally, the commentary and recommendations in the LPC rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015, TB203.2.4.1. states that inspections have be undertaken by an independent third party.
Systems CANNOT be inspected by
System Owner 
Building Occupier
System owner, 
System installer 
Service and maintenance provider 
Insurance companies for their commercial and underwriting purposes

A comprehensive and truly independent inspection service

The Fire Protection Association prides itself on being an independent body within the fire protection market and can offer inspection services in accordance with best practice guidelines.
The service benefits from:
  • Highly trained personnel with professional qualifications and years of experience
  • An extensive onsite review including:
    • A full system assessment 
    • An assessment of whether the system coverage is adequate
    • A visual inspection of the age and condition of the system
    • A review of hazards including inspection of processes and storage arrangements
    • The witnessing of water supply tests 
    • A check to see if the pump and tank systems operate as designed
    • A check to see if the system is linked to an alarm system that operates when a flow test is conducted
    • A check that the system valve sets are secured open and clearly labelled
    • A review of the current testing regime
    • A full report with any impact analysis and practical guidance if improvements are needed. 
  • Competitive prices, the FPA is a not for profit organisation so sets it prices so more companies can access its services.
  • Extra quality assurance, the inspection will be conducted in accordance with the Fire Protection Associations Quality Management System, which has a UKAS accredited certification from LRQA.




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