25yr Sprinkler Head Testing

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When it comes to  fire control, sprinkler systems are a very effective solution and form part of many buildings’ fire safety strategy. Clearly these systems have a long lifespan and so need to be thoroughly maintained and tested.

Quality, independent and robust testing
The FPA prides itself on providing independent testing at the highest of standards. All tests are conducted in accordance to the standards required by the LPC rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015 incorporating BS EN 12845 Annex  K.
Why use the Fire Protection Association (FPA) to test your sprinkler heads?
Specialist qualified staff - our UK based staff have been testing sprinkler heads for years and have conducted hundreds of tests in our specialist laboratory. 
Competitive prices – the Fire protection Association is a not for profit organisation, so we price very competitively, encouraging more companies to test and keep sprinkler systems maintained.
Excellent turnaround times - our standard service gives a four week turnaround, which includes completing all the inspections and tests as well as writing up a detailed report. A rapid 3 three day service is also available for batches of 20.
Detailed reporting - our in depth reports, which will often contain photography, provide you with all the necessary information to share with clients. This is especially beneficial if further funding is required to replace systems.  
Support with logistics - we understand it is time consuming for engineers to find the appropriate packaging and deal with postage when sending sprinklers to the laboratory. We therefore provide specialist boxes for them to be returned in and pre-paid postage labels. 
Customer Quote
We regularly use the Fire Protection Association to evaluate the condition and operational performance of sprinkler heads, their service is both efficient and cost effective. The knowledge and experience of their technicians shows in the detailed report which receives great feedback from both our engineers and our clients  Paul Berry, Sales  Director , Johnson Controls, Fire Suppression UK & Ireland.

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You will be supplied with a detailed report


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