V02a Advanced Fire Safety Management

Duration: 5 day(s)

In addition to being a stand-alone event this course forms part of the Level 5 CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention and is designed to cover the subject of fire safety management at an advanced management level.  Candidates should have already completed the CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Prevention or equivalent and have a strong background in fire risk assessment. This course provides comprehensive coverage of all of the processes concerning managing fire safety throughout the life of a building.  It discusses the impact that changes in building use or occupancy can have on fire safety strategy, stressing the need for continuous strategy review.  It opens up the wider aspects of risk management and the need to safeguard economic viability.
You will develop:
  • Knowledge of broader management issues flowing from fire protection issues.
  • An understanding of the principles of fire engineering design.
  • An improved awareness of the testing and maintenance of fire protection and suppression equipment.
  • A greater understanding of how to manage risk in complex premises.
  • Strategies to deal with risk management and both short and long-term loss management.
  • Knowledge of business continuity management practice and procedures.
FPA Certificate
CFPA Europe Diploma in Fire Safety Management
This course has been awarded 25 IFE CPD hours
Non member £1595+VAT; FPA member £1435+VAT
V02a Advanced Fire Safety Management
  • Those with responsibility for the management of statutory fire safety requirements and compliance in multi-occupied or other complex buildings.
  • Fire safety managers wishing to advance their level of knowledge and management skills.
  • Students studying the CFPA Europe Advanced Diploma in Fire Prevention (mangement cycle) syllabus must attend this course as Stage  1
The course content will include:
  • Advanced management aspects of BS 9999:2008.
  • Designing so that a building can be managed.
  • Ensuring that systems respond properly in an emergency.
  • Fire safety management in large and multi-occupied sites.
  • Building works and alterations.
  • Planning the response to a fire – risk management, long-term loss management and business continuity.
  • Managing occupied buildings and fire safety legislation.
  • Emergency actions – short-term loss management.
  • CFPA Europe Advanced Diploma in Fire Prevention.

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Date Location Available
20170327 27/03/2017 - 31/03/2017 Moreton in Marsh 7 £1,595.00

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