FPA webinar VIDEO: Using ‘big-data’ to demonstrate genuine need for your resilience products and services

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Summary: Join Dr Jim Glockling as he introduces you to the FPA’s Business and Property Protection Portal, and learn how it could assist you promote your products and services within its framework direct to the customer. Using insurance type ‘big-data’ intelligence for Business and Geographical risk identification, the Portal generates bespoke hot-linked reports of resources required to assist businesses to manage the threats. This webinar will appeal to manufacturers, suppliers and service providers whose primary business is helping others mitigate and recover from emergencies – be it fire, flood, security or general business continuity planning.  Learn how the Portal can support and advance your marketing efforts by intelligently delivering your business to those who are in a real need of your expertise.

If you would like more information or have any questions about the Business and Property Protection Portal, please contact us at jwyatt@thefpa.co.uk or phone 01608 812 537 

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BPPP leaflet front cover

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