Business and Property Protection Portal

The FPA’s Business and Property Protection Portal utilises ‘big-data’ and real-life statistical sources, to allow all businesses access to state-of-the-art insurance style underwriting tools to deliver an intelligently generated risk report on any UK postcode and business type. Furthermore, subscribing organisations are able to have their own liveried website and reporting output which can be augmented with their own library of resources.
Business and property protection, distinct from life-safety, is not a government responsibility. With the removal of the last of the local acts for fire in April 2015 the last provision for legally mandating for property protection disappeared and, with focus firmly on ‘evacuation before collapse’, building regulations and fire engineering, by default, provide little or no assistance.
Responsibility for business and property protection and resilience-building is well defined within the job description of all those who define themselves as managing directors or CEOs. How much this is understood is difficult to quantify, but with the majority of surveys conducted investigating the uptake of business continuity planning within the SME market showing shockingly little is done, it is probably safe to assume that this element of the job description is both misunderstood and neglected
Dr Jim Glockling, FPA Technical Director
The brain of the portal takes the UK postcode and simple inputs on business and building type, and queries crime, flood, fire, geo-environmental and many other datasets to determine critical risk factors. A bespoke report of resource content specifically aimed at addressing the identified risks pertinent to the location, historic business loss statistics, and business/building type is produced, removing all superfluous advice.
The scale of both ‘big-data’ input and availability of use is unique in the UK. The Business and Property Protection Portal could revolutionise the UK’s approach to the provision of business continuity and resilience advice for all perils including fire, flood, and criminal activity such as vandalism and cybercrime.

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View the presentation delivered by Dr Jim Glockling at the launch event at BT Tower, London on 25 January 2017

The FPA's Technical Director, Dr Jim Glockling discusses what the BPPP could offer you, your business and property.